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Running Brook Design

Professional Recording Studio and Home Theater Design Services

Running Brook Design is a professional recording studio and home theater design service with many successful designs completed for people and organizations all around the world. We will work closely with you through interactive reviews on proposed design ideas and then we create a set of high-quality documentation that ensures a thorough understanding of the critical design elements needed to properly construct your facility.

Whether you are looking for a complete facility with high isolation, or just acoustical treatment design for an existing space, we can help you to get the most out of your investment. We invite contractors, architects, interior designers, and other professionals, seeking to provide top-quality acoustic design for their clients, to contact us to discuss your needs.

ASA AIGA AES We can come to your site, or using Internet technologies, work with you and your contractors to review the site or the facillity under construction. Once your facility is built, we can continue to work together to finalize any necessary adjustments, or even begin your next project. Read up on our services and let's get started!

Studio and Home Theater Design Services


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